Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our Wedding Photos

Finally, the professional photos arrived in the mail. We saved money and took advantage of a special deal our photographer and the website he publishes on extended to us. Our photographer (who is a friend of my brother so we got a good deal, more on that in a future post on budget wedding photography) publishes to a website that offered all the wedding guests a free duplicate offer for the first 10 days and the last 10 days of the 90 that they would be available to order online.

We would have gotten them earlier if our first order went through. For some reason, whether it was my fault and I didn't click on something, or an oversight on their part, our first order in the first 10 days did not go through. We realized this a week later, as I was stalking the mailman and received an email from the site saying that our cart was still full. We checked the card we used and (thank goodness) it was not charged and the site still had my order unprocessed. We called the company and told us there were two ways we could still get free duplicates:

1) Ask the photographer to re-submit the photos under a 'new event;' therefore, our order would qualify under the first 10 day offer.

2) Wait until days 80 - 90 to order them. We'd get an email from them reminding us of the last minute deal and we can submit our shopping cart then.

We contacted our photographer, and of course we was more than willing to set up another site for us. However, after discussing it with my husband, we thought that waiting a couple of months or so for them would cut on an immediate expense when we came back from the honeymoon (the photographer didn't publish them until we came back and approved them).

We told him that he didn't need to bother to set up a new site. We'd wait until the end of the 90 days to place our order. With that extra time, we were able to fit it into our budget and save for it for a couple of months. Yes, we were getting a little impatient and anxious at the end to get them, but happy that we were able to get a few things paid off on our card before we added something else to it.


mr. nichols said...

These pictures look incredible! It sounds like you made some smart moves with putting them on hold for budgetary process. And know the wait must have been driving you crazy, but after looking at these, I know it was well worth the wait.

BudgetBride said...

Thanks so much, Mr. Nichols! Yes, we were getting a bit impatient, but yes, worth the wait.

Naarya said...

lovely pictures! and you look grt! this is my first time here and i love it totally as it touches all my fav, pictures, taking care of oneself...
will spend more time here in the coming days!

Naarya said...

can we get a closer look at ur wedding cake if u dont mind? i am a sucker for cakes...and wedding cakes...double points....yummmyyyyy!!!!