Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A New Apartment for Newlyweds

We're not married yet, but we've just moved in together. We initially hoped that we'd find a 'once in a lifetime' offer on a home close to where he works, which is about 60 miles away from where I've been living since 2005 (about 40 miles away from his parent's house, where he's been staying at during the work week).

We have only been engaged since this summer, home prices keep dropping, the holidays plus six birthdays are approaching through Feburary, March is the shower, and Arpil is the wedding; so, we decided to bite the bullet and pay a reasonable rent for a reasonable place until we get 'official' and start looking for places as a legal Mr. and Mrs.

Until then, where going to start living together and growing together here. I's going to be so nice to see him regularly. I used to not mind ahtat he did not live here. I've only live with one boyfriend for a week and only a few roommates since college. I loved living on my own. My jobs have all been social, and I've always had a good group of friends. I savored the feeling of being social whenever I wanted to or to be a hermnit under a blanket, a spell of tea and Bach. It's only been since I've found someone who I can naturally share all of that with - that I want to see that person everyday.

Ohh - I jabber on so - a fool in love

but a smart one indeed ;)