Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In-Law Challenges with the Rehearsal Dinner

As the big day gets closer the stress and possibility for conflict seems to be growing.


Well Rehearsed said...

HI! I ran across your blog and your story hits close to home. The rehearsal dinner can sometimes be a confusing point in wedding planning. As a bride, you have the whole event to plan and since the rehearsal dinner is typically hosted by the groom's family, the in-laws are involved in helping with this event. This can be a good thing because it takes something off your to-do list but I totally understand your frustration now at the last minute they are asking for your help. This is probably a little late, but I wanted to share with you my event planning business called Well Rehearsed. I specifically help brides/groom's families plan the rehearsal dinner. I'm based in San Francisco but depending on the project, can work remotely to help pull together a great event that really kicks off the wedding weekend in style. AND removes the STRESS from you. Good luck with everything. It sounds like you are close to your wedding date. All my best to you! Check out my website when you have a second as I would love your feedback if services like this would have been helpful to you and your in-laws. -Kathy

intrepidideas said...

Hang in there Sister. Yes, may this be the biggest problem you face. I'm sure you've expressed your concerns with your Fiance. Can he bridge the gap with the In-Laws and let then know how you feel? It's your wedding - I want it to be a perfect day for you. I bet your In - Laws feel the same way. Maybe they'll figure out how to be more helpful in the process. Any chance they'll view this blog? (hugs)

Isadora said...

You have been conspicuously absent. As it is now May I take it the wedding had taken place and we would love to see photos and hear your update.

Hope all is well and look forward to your news.