Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Makeupmasters.ning.com and YouTube

I have found valuable make-up advice recently at a couple of cool sites. For the first few months of my YouTube membership I kept to myself and kept to publishing practice vids for my bellydance blog. However, my social nature crept through my video curtain and I began conversing and subscribing to a host of beautiful women that have been publishing exceptional makeup application tutorials and product reviews. I didn't care much about make-up for a while - since I got out of the 9-5 corporate life. However, since I've been watching these vids for the past few months I have been inspired to try new looks with different colors and WOW - it has paid off!

There is also a great site DEVOTED to makeup reviews and application. Don't trust the commercials - trust the women who have already purchased the product and see what they have to say.

These You Tube women and the members on http://makeupmasters.ning.com will be my PERSONAL CONSULTANTS when it comes to me choosing a pallette for my wedding. I feel it's better to consult with 'real' people first instead of a salon stylist first - unless you REALLY know your stylist! Otherwise, the stylist may just suggest the 'easiest' up-do and makeup application and tell you it's the best for you - when it's really the best for him - because he will get you and the rest of your party out of the salon an hour earlier for the same price. I'm not saying that happens all the time - but I do have a friend that felt like she was TOTALLY rushed out of the salon after spending gobs of money.

I'm hoping to find a good look for both my face and hair by watching vids, reading posts, and submitting my own pics and vids for review. Hopefully this way will help me find a look that I can sucessfully do myself instead of adding on the extra salon expense.

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